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About Paul

For Dutch: Over Paul van der Laken

To put it mildly, I am enthusiastic about data.


I’ve always been fond of puzzles and computers and, over time, this developed into a passion for statistical analysis. I particularly like analyses that automate or optimize decision-making processes and thereby prevent the human biases observed by Ariely, Kahneman, Tetlock, and their colleagues. This interest comes from my prior experiences in the field of Human Resources and People Analytics, where I facilitated objective and effective decision-making regarding the attraction, development, and retention of personnel through data analysis.

On my blog, you will find many articles on data visualization. I believe visualizations are among the most effective ways to communicate large amounts of information. Especially when they allow users to interactively explore patterns in large datasets, thereby overcoming the intentions and biases of their original creators.

Relatedly, I developed a fondness for text mining and analytics, where models and visualizations may be worth not a thousand, but easily a million words.

Finally, I write about machine learning and artificial intelligence; neural network applications in particular. I strongly believe we are at the dawn of a new age, where computer algorithms solve global issues at an ever-increasing pace; simultaneously creating new challenges as we progressively automate our existence.


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