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About Paul

For Dutch: Over Paul van der Laken

I like to mess around with data.


I’ve always been fond of puzzles and computers and, over time, this developed into a passion for statistical data analysis. I particularly like analyses that automate or optimize decision-making processes and thereby prevent the human biases observed by Ariely, Kahneman, Tetlock, and their colleagues. In line with this interest, I have been applying data analysis, analytics, and machine learning professionally in the field of Human Resources (i.e., People Analytics). Here, data-driven decision-making may help organizations to more effectively and/or efficient attract, develop, motivate, and retain personnel.

My blog mostly deals with visualization, text mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A good visualization can be an effective way to communicate the enormous heaps of information we face today. I particularly like interactive visuals, where users can freely explore patterns, unhampered by the intentions and biases of the original creators. Relatedly, I developed a fondness for text mining and analytics, where models and visualizations may be worth not a thousand, but easily a million words. Regarding machine learning and artificial intelligence, I write about neural network applications in particular. I strongly believe we are at the dawn of a new age, where computer algorithms solve global issues at an ever-increasing pace; simultaneously creating new challenges as we progressively automate our existence.


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