Become a SELECT Star: SQL explained intuitively

Become a SELECT Star: SQL explained intuitively

Julia Evans writes programming magazines that explain languages and concepts intuitively.

Julia been sharing her SQL learning bits on twitter for a while, but now collected them in this amazing 28-page magazine.


This zine explains SELECT queries step by step with tons of examples that will show you exactly what’s happening when you run a query. You’ll be able to easily translate your questions about your data into queries and get answers fast.

Julia Evans (via)

The magazine will set you back 12 dollars, but will make you a SQL master in no time. Plus, you will always have a cheat sheet by hand! Here’s what’s in it:

Here’s some of the actual contents you can expect, via Julia’s Twitter and the original webpage:

Image result for sql become a select star

The title of the magazine is also quite well thought out : ) I hope you enjoy it!

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