Awful AI: A curated list of scary usages of artificial intelligence

I found this amazingly horrifying list called Awful Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence [AI] in its current state is unfaireasily susceptible to attacks and notoriously difficult to control. Nevertheless, more and more concerning the uses of AI technology are appearing in the wild.

[Awful A.I.] aims to track all of them. We hope that Awful AI can be a platform to spur discussion for the development of possible contestational technology (to fight back!).

David Dao on the Awful A.I. github repository

The Awful A.I. list contains a few dozen applications of machine learning where the results were less than optimal for several involved parties. These AI solutions either resulted in discrimination, disinformation (fake news), mass surveillance, or severely violate privacy or ethical issues in many other ways.

We’ve all heard of Cambridge Analytica, but there are many more on this Awful A.I. list:

Deep Fakes – Deep Fakes is an artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos. Deepfakes may be used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos or revenge porn. [AI assisted fake porn][CNN Interactive Report]

David Dao on the Awful A.I. github repository

Social Credit System – Using a secret algorithm, Sesame credit constantly scores people from 350 to 950, and its ratings are based on factors including considerations of “interpersonal relationships” and consumer habits. [summary][Foreign Correspondent (video)][travel ban]

David Dao on the Awful A.I. github repository

SenseTime & Megvii– Based on Face Recognition technology powered by deep learning algorithm, SenseFace and Megvii provides integrated solutions of intelligent video analysis, which functions in target surveillance, trajectory analysis, population management. [summary][forbes][The Economist (video)]

David Dao on the Awful A.I. github repository

Check out the full list here.

David Dao is a PhD student at DS3Lab — the computer science dpt. of Zurich — and maintains the awful AI list. The cover photo was created by LargeStupidity on Drawception

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