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Coexisting Languages in Australia: An Interactive map

Coexisting Languages in Australia: An Interactive map

Jack Zhao from Small Multiples – a multidisciplinary team of data specialists, designers and developers – retrieved the Language Spoken at Home (LANP) data from the 2016 Census and turned it into a dot density map that vividly shows how people from different cultures coexist (or not) in ultra high resolution (using Python, englewood library, QGIS, Carto). Each colored dot in the visualizations below represents five people from the same language group in the area. Highly populated areas have a higher density of dots; while language diversity is shown through the number of different colors in the given area.

Good news: the maps are interactive! Here’s Sydney:

Here is the original webpage on Small Multiples and you can browse the interactive map in full screen in your browser. The below language groups are included:

  • Eastern Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Other Eastern Asian Languages
  • Southeast Asian: Burmese and Related Languages, Hmong-Mien, Mon-Khmer, Tai, Southeast Asian Austronesian Languages, Other Southeast Asian Languages
  • Southern Asian: Dravidian, Indo-Aryan, Other Southern Asian Languages
  • Southwest And Central Asian: Iranic, Middle Eastern Semitic Languages, Turkic, Other Southwest and Central Asian Languages
  • Northern European: Celtic, English, German and Related Languages, Dutch and Related Languages, Scandinavian, Finnish and Related Languages
  • Southern European: French, Greek, Iberian Romance, Italian, Maltese, Other Southern European Languages
  • Eastern European: Baltic, Hungarian, East Slavic, South Slavic, West Slavic, Other Eastern European Languages
  • Australian Indigenous: Arnhem Land and Daly River Region Languages, Yolngu Matha, Cape York Peninsula Languages, Torres Strait Island Languages, Northern Desert Fringe Area Languages, Arandic, Western Desert Languages, Kimberley Area Languages, Other Australian Indigenous Languages