Below is a list of free books, tutorials, packages, cheat sheets and other material to learn programming in R and improve your workflow. There are separate overviews for Python Resources, SQL Resources, and general Data Science, Machine Learning, & Statistics Resources. If you have additions, please comment below or contact me!

LAST UPDATED: 15-01-2018

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R Basics

Cheat Sheets:

Introductory Books:

Online Courses: Introductory & Advanced:

Style Guides:

Data Visualization in R


Interactive / HTML widgets:



  • coefplot – visualizes model statistics
  • circlize – circular visualizations for categorical data
  • quantmod – candlestick financial charts
  • colorspace – HSL based color palettes
  • viridis – Matplotlib viridis color pallete for R
  • munsell – Munsell color palettes for R.
  • Cairo – high-quality display output
  • igraph – Network Analysis and Visualization
  • lattice – Trellis graphics
  • tmap – thematic maps
  • rgl – interactive 3D plots
  • corrplot – graphical display of a correlation matrix
  • googleVis – Google Charts API
  • plotROC – interactive ROC plots
  • extrafont – fonts in R graphics
  • showtext – text using system fonts
  • animation – animated graphics using ImageMagick.
  • misc3d – 3d plots, isosurfaces, etc.
  • xkcd – xkcd style graphics
  • imager – CImg library to work with images

Dashboards & Shiny

Regular Expressions in R

R Markdown

R Database Linking

Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, & Data Science

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing & Text Mining

Time series

Survival analysis

Geographical / Spatial mapping

Other applications

R Development, Optimization & Other

R Help, Connect, & Inspiration

R Jobs