Learn Git Branching: An Interactive Tutorial

Learn Git Branching: An Interactive Tutorial

Peter Cottle built this great interactive Git tutorial that teaches you all vital branching skills right in your browser. It’s interactive, beautiful, and very informative, introducing every concept and Git command in a step-by-step fashion.

Have a look yourself: https://learngitbranching.js.org/

Here’s the associated GitHub repository for those interested in forking.

The tutorial includes many levels that progressively teach you the Git commands you’ll need to apply version control on a daily basis:

There’s also a sandbox mode where you can interactively explore and build your own Git tree.

LearnGitBranching is a git repository visualizer, sandbox, and a series of educational tutorials and challenges. Its primary purpose is to help developers understand git through the power of visualization (something that’s absent when working on the command line). This is achieved through a game with different levels to get acquainted with the different git commands.

You can input a variety of commands into LearnGitBranching (LGB) — as commands are processed, the nearby commit tree will dynamically update to reflect the effects of each command.

This visualization combined with tutorials and “levels” can help both beginners and intermediate developers polish their version control skills. A quick demo is available here: https://pcottle.github.com/learnGitBranching/?demo
Or, you can launch the application normally here: https://pcottle.github.com/learnGitBranching/


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