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Digitizing the Tour de France 2017 – II

A few weeks back, I gave some examples of how data, predictive analytics, and visualization are changing the Tour de France experience. Today, I came across another wonderful example visualizing the sequences of geospatial data (i.e., the movement) of the cyclists during the 11th stage of the Tour de France  (blue dots). Moreover, the locations of the four choppers capturing the live video feed are tracked in yellow.

This short clip again reflects the enormous amounts of rich data currently being collected in this sports event.

Digitizing the Tour de France 2017

Digitizing the Tour de France 2017

Combining two of my favorite things, Dimension Data elaborates on how they are using data, machine learning and predictive modeling to take the Tour de France experience to the next level in 2017.

Eurosport already jumped on the bandwagon in 2016 with some amazing visualizations of common Tour scenarios. Here is one on how to win a sprint:

And one on how to beat the crosswind: