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paletteer: Hundreds of color palettes in R

paletteer: Hundreds of color palettes in R

Looking for just the right colors for your data visualization?

I often cover tools to pick color palettes on my website (e.g. here, here, or here) and also host a comprehensive list of color packages in my R programming resources overview.

However, paletteer is by far my favorite package for customizing your colors in R!

The paletteer package offers direct access to 1759 color palettes, from 50 different packages!

After installing and loading the package, paletteer works as easy as just adding one additional line of code to your ggplot:



ggplot(iris, aes(Sepal.Length, Sepal.Width, color = Species)) +
geom_point() +

paletteer offers a combined collection of hundreds of other color palettes offered in the R programming environment, so you are sure you will find a palette that you like! Here’s the list copied below, but this github repo provides more detailed information about the package contents.

awtoolsawhstin/awtools – 0.2.1
basethemeKKPMW/basetheme –
calecopalan-bui/calecopal – 0.1.0
cartographyriatelab/cartography –
colorblindrclauswilke/colorblindr – 0.1.0
colRozjacintak/colRoz – 0.2.2
DresdenColorkatiesaund/DresdenColor –
dutchmastersEdwinTh/dutchmasters – 0.1.0
fishualizenschiett/fishualize – 0.2.9990.1.0
gameofthronesaljrico/gameofthrones –
ggpomologicalgadenbuie/ggpomological – 0.1.2
ggsciroad2stat/ggsci – 2.92.9
ggthemesjrnold/ggthemes –
ggthemrcttobin/ggthemr – 1.1.0
ghibliewenme/ghibli –
harrypotteraljrico/harrypotter –
IslamicArtlambdamoses/IslamicArt – 0.1.0
jcolorsjaredhuling/jcolors –
LaCroixColoRjohannesbjork/LaCroixColoR – 0.1.0
lisatyluRp/lisa –
MapPalettesdisarm-platform/MapPalettes – 0.0.2
miscpalettesEmilHvitfeldt/miscpalettes –
nationalparkcolorskatiejolly/nationalparkcolors – 0.1.0
NineteenEightyRm-clark/NineteenEightyR – 0.1.0
nordjkaupp/nord –
ochReropenscilabs/ochRe – 1.0.0
palettesForRfrareb/palettesForR –
palettetowntimcdlucas/palettetown –
palrAustralianAntarcticDivision/palr –
palskwstat/pals – 1.61.6
PNWColorsjakelawlor/PNWColors – 0.1.0
rcartocolorNowosad/rcartocolor –
RSkittleBreweralyssafrazee/RSkittleBrewer – 1.1
scicothomasp85/scico –
tidyquantbusiness-science/tidyquant –
trekcolorsleonawicz/trekcolors –
tvthemesRyo-N7/tvthemes –
uniknhneth/unikn –
vapeplotseasmith/vapeplot – 0.1.0
vapoRwavemoldach/vapoRwave –
viridissjmgarnier/viridis –
visiblym-clark/visibly – 0.2.6
werpalssciencificity/werpals – 0.1.0
wesandersonkarthik/wesanderson –
yarrrndphillips/yarrr –
Via the paletteer github page

Let me know what you like about the package and do share any beautiful data visualizations you create with it!

Leonardo: Adaptive Color Palettes using Contrast-Ratio

Leonardo: Adaptive Color Palettes using Contrast-Ratio

Leonardo is an open source tool for creating adaptive color palettes; a custom color generator for creating colors based on target contrast ratio. Leonardo is delivered as a Javascript module (@adobe/leonardo-contrast-colors) with a web interface to aid in creating your color palette configurations, which can easily be shared with both designers and engineers. Simply put, Leonardo is for dynamic accessibility of your products.

Read all about Leonardo in this Medium blog post by its author.

The tool is very easy to use. Even I could create a quick palette! Though it’s probably horrendous (due to my colorblindness : ))