18 Pitfalls of Data Visualization

Maarten Lambrechts is a data journalist I closely follow online, with great delight. Recently, he shared on Twitter his slidedeck on the 18 most common data visualization pitfalls. You will probably already be familiar with most, but some (like #14) were new to me: Save pies for dessert Don’t cut bars Don’t cut time axes…

Data Visualization Tools & Resources

There’s this amazing overview of helpful dataviz resources atwww.visualisingdata.com/resources! Browse through hundreds of helpful data visualization tools, programs, and services. All neatly organized by Andy Kirk in categories: data handling, applications, programming, web-based, qualitative, mapping, specialist, and colour. What a great repository! Looking for expert books on data visualization?Have a look at these recommendations!

Your own personalized motivational GIF

One of the R OpenSci ozunconference 2018 projects was all about gganimate. The guys and gals dubbed this project learngganimate and dedicated an expansive GitHub repository to it. As part of this project, they created some — let’s call it — very creative GIFS. One of their GIFs I particularly liked, copied below. Using the OpenSci syn…

100 amazing color palettes including their Hex codes

TJ Mahr hinted to this Canva webpage on Twitter. It contains 100 beautiful color palettes including their hexadecimal color codes. For instance, these three below. The great thing is that these color palettes are include in the ggthemes package in R. Hence, the following code uses this Nightlife palette directly in an R script, resulting in…

Google for Colors

Picular.co calls itself Google, but for colors on its website. And not without good reason. On the site, you type in a color association (e.g., forest green), and it provides you an palette overview of associated colors and their hexadecimal (Hex) codes. I don’t precisely know how it works, but it seems to work quite well!